how do you expect to top this performance from Slipknot?

One of the first rock shows I attended was Clever (1998) ! It was on a Wednesday night in January and only a handful of people were there. I met a guy by the name of Scott Evans. I was like this guy likes the same type of music I do and is at every show. Scott and I are still friends to this day. We would go to hundreds of shows every year at Ranch Bowl and talk about bands and music. However I would rarely ever miss a Clever show. I really didn't have a lot of friends at the time and even though I knew a lot of people not everyone I knew liked going to concerts as much as I did. Clever did a lot of shows on weekends and usually opened up for The Urge too. 

One Clever show I really remember. It was Deseo, Slipknot, some other band and Clever. I vividly remember this show because of Slipknot and all of their insane fans. I was like is it Halloween? Did I not get the message to dress up in Costume? Deseo open the show and Slipknot was next and I was like there is a lot of people on this stage for a band. Then their fans arrived and took over the place. I stood in the back and thought to myself who is this band from Des Moines Iowa? They screamed a lot and were loud, but their fans are crazy and into it. I said to myself this band is going to do big things in the future. It took 45 minutes to clear the stage after slipknot and it was like there is still two other bands after this, how in the world do you expect to top this performance from Slipknot?