the perfect "indoor" wheelie

My friend Jay and I used to hang out at the back parking lot of Ranch Bowl during lunch time smokin’ a cig or two. One day, he brought his bicycle, and said he wanted to ride a wheelie all the way from the back door, down the aisle, past the desk and out the front door. So, we propped open the back door, and I drove around to the front door. I held the door open at the front as he executed the perfect "indoor" wheelie all the way through the bowling alley and out to my car.

We threw the bike into my Dad's station wagon as the rather ticked-off staff began to chase us away. I hit the gas slightly before putting the car in gear, and WHAM!... the U-joint of the drive train snapped in half! I sat in the disabled car as Jay quickly hopped on his bike and escaped. I had some 'splaining to do to both the Ranch Bowl, AND my Dad!