snuck in to see three days grace

My cousins and friends and I showed up to see “three days grace” at the ranch bowl. It was one of their earliest gigs and we were SUPER excited to see them. 

Sadly when we got there, the show was sold out!! We had friends inside already who came out and we were panicking and pissed we were going to miss the show. Till one of our friends got an idea! 

The way they were making sure you had a ticket was by marking your hand with the letter “B” in blue sharpie. So one of us had the idea “hey do we have a blue marker in one of our cars? We could just mark our own hands and see if we can get in the show.” 

By some stroke of good luck, my cousin had a blue marker in his car, so we all wrote the letter “B” on our hands, walked up to the door and flashed our arms at security and BOOM, they let us in and were none the wiser that we didn’t have tickets! 

That was an awesome Ranch Bowl moment that we’ve never forgotten! We ended up meeting the band and getting autographs and shirts! Good thing too, because we didn’t have ticket stubs! AWESOME Ranch Bowl experience! Miss that place so much!