The Summer Of 1998

Back in the early summer of 1998 I was super excited to see the Afrodisiacs at the Ranch Bowl on a Friday night. I was all about the disco and was primed to get my boogie on. Unfortunately....

I was less than a month shy of my 21st birthday, and that night’s Afrodisiacs gig was being held in the bar in the back because some rockabilly band I had never heard of was playing the main stage. This meant the Afro’s gig was 21 and up. DENIED. 

Pissed but not totally dejected, we decided we drove all that way and figured we might as well check the rockabilly band out. Why not, right?

I proceeded to get my face melted by The Reverend Horton Heat, who I’ve been a fan of ever since. That was the beauty of The Ranch Bowl